Lonely Tuesdays

When you’re in this Industry, chances are you’re off on either Monday or Tuesday. Only problem is NO ONE ELSE IS OFF!!

There are No Fun Concerts, No Book Clubs, No Italian Class, No Crochet Class (bwahaha for me not Chef), No Sip and Paint, No Sew and Sip (yeah, that’s a real one).

I think I may need to start my own MeetUp group for Restauranteurs, Bartenders and Waiters. I think i’m going to call it “Sip Your Own Beverage while doing whatever you want BUT have people around” LMAO.. OK obviously, I need to work on my Marketing and Research.

Everything happens on the Weekends. Street Fairs, Flea Markets, Up Markets.. I bet if you guys planned for a Tuesday, you’d sell out in a minute. Well I can guarantee 2 tickets. LOL..

Museums are wonderful and once in a while we stumble upon some great exhibits but trust me, after a long weekend, we really don’t want to walk too much. Spa Days are always an option but seriously, we could just lay in bed. We want to INTERACT with humans; doing fun human things.

Tomorrow is Date Night for Chef and I.. Our ONLY Day Off, so personal errands being a priority, the struggle is always what is there fun to do afterwards? Zip Nada Zero..

So plan as of now: Dinner and a Movie.

That’s all folks!


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