My penny’s worth of advice: “do a search on your chosen hashtag”

So many times, i’ve seen couples use hashtags that other people have used, so your photos are now blended in with theirs..  Seriously, all sites give you the option to “search”!! That little microscope glass thingy, if you click it and type #legochefandi  YES!! it’s already taken, I have it.. LOL (ok ok that was a cheap plug) but you get my drift..

Another word(s) to the wise: “KEEP IT SHORT”

Seriously, people don’t want to have to remember “mrandmrsabracadabraforever2016” (and i apologize if someone owns that, it’s a good one, just too damn long)..

Lastly: post the darn thing LEGIBLY..

Enough with the darn chalkboard.. One little smudge is all it takes for your over-thought hashtag to end up in detention.. “I shall not write in chalk anymore” …… I left school a long long time ago. Even I know they have smart boards in schools now.. Print so us old folks can read.

Your Guests are there to do what ever you want them to, really, have faith in them. However, you need to man them with the correct tools, to secure the outcome.

OK that’s my 5 minutes of your life