What the Fancy Wedding Blogs don’t tell you…..

  1. Bustle: All wedding dresses come with some sort of Bustle. Yes it’s a real thing. Ask about it when you purchase your dress. Ask for a demo on how to do it. Have someone else there with you. Don’t wait until your Wedding Day to figure it out. I’ve seen brides fuss for 15-20mins of their receptions.
  2. Boutonniere: Someone should know how to pin this. Ask your florist. Don’t assume that someone at the venue will know or even have the time to help you. Also, if  you’re ordering Corsages for the women, get the ones for their wrists. They look beautiful and the women will thank you.
  3. Flat Shoes: you would think this was common sense but most brides don’t think of it. Pack a pair of flat shoes to change into at the end of the evening.
  4. Photography: If you’re having a photographer there while you getting ready, consider the length of time to get dressed and factor that in. No one ones you to be late for the ceremony because of a wardrobe malfunction.
  5. Cell Phones: Be upfront about your feelings regarding your guests with their cell phones but also be realistic in knowing your guests won’t listen. Yes, Pinterest as all the cute signage now to make it less awkward but let’s face it, there are the chosen few who will not listen. BRUSH IT OFF and continue your business of getting married.
  6. All Your STUFF: Have a clear cut plan of what happens with centerpieces, added decor, frames, extra wedding cake etc. Delegate prior to your wedding day.
  7. OK this one is just my pet peeve: there are numerous blogs which outline job duties of Bride Maids/Maid of Honors – READ THEM! LOL.. Yes, they will host you a Bridal Shower and a Bachelorette Party, listen to you whine, cry, laugh etc etc.. But seriously, their job is to stand next to you at the altar, to help in which ever way they can, to make YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL.. eg: reach out to hold your bouquet when necessary, fix you dress train as you turn or move, pass you a tissue if needed.. Believe me, I’ve seen many just stand there like pillars LOL.

Obviously, these are my opinions and everyone is beautiful and happy and owns a cell phone and has a planner who is super awesome, so you can disregard this post…


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