I’m not sure which we prefer. We’ve been Off-Premise Caterers for such a long time. We made the switch over to In-House when we took over My Kitchen 3 years ago.

With In-House Events, we come in, setup, prep food and control each detail of your Event.

PROS: NO SCHLEPPING for In-House Events. Chef organizes like Rain Man. He’s truly amazing, down to the finest detail, he plans it out on paper and we’re very rarely without product or items. Once we began hosting In-House Events, I think we both became lazy,. HAHA yes, that’s the truth. Everything was/is at our finger tips. The first large Off-Premise we did while owning My Kitchen literally took our breath. So much equipment.. GAH

Off-Premise Events, we control a few details of your Event, prep food, transport food, setup and serve.

PROS: The opportunity the be creative for Off-Premise Events. usually my in-house clients, come in see space, love space and books based on what was done. I’ve become a Room with good good and lighting, table and chairs and white linen because it’s included. No one wants to spend additional to rent colored linen or ballroom chairs or centerpieces. So while each event is beautiful in it’s own way, as a photographer, it can be pretty monotonous to photograph and share on our social media.  On Off-Premise Catering, my Clients are open to experimenting with decor, linen, setups.. It’s exciting. The Menu is exciting. Not that the budget is much larger but they’re simply in a different mind set.

Either way, Chef and I are here to help you with your Catered Event.