Chef and I are available for Corporate Catering.

Since we’ve taken over My Kitchen Restaurant, we pulled back on advertising. Wanted to build on the in-house Catering. However, we still have quite a bit of Corporate Clients. So we continually play the toss up game of “Who are we really?”

Some of our current and past clients include: Delta Airlines, U.F.T., Power Authority, NYCATA, The Moles, Local 15, Awisco, HSBC.

Some info on Corporate Catering

We suggest ordering food that can be easily passed around during the Event. Unless you will be taking a formal break, “Food Service” should be kept at minimum. Also, clean up should be just as easy so that meetings can go on uninterrupted.

Boxed Breakfast: Self-contained eg: Bagel, cream cheese, butter, individual fruit salad, fork, knife and napkin. Usually Coffee served in Urns off to side.

Boxed Lunches: Self-Contained eg: Sandwich, Salad, Dessert, fork, knife, napkin, and bottled water to name a few things.

Platters of Sandwiches, Salads and other Finger type Foods: Offers a bit more variety. Perfect for business meetings because they allow everyone to easily pick out the food that they want to eat However, attendees will have to get up and serve themselves, then return to meeting.

Hot Food by the Tray: We usually recommend this for Dinner meetings. Food is delivered hot ready to serve and setup. Depending on meeting space, this can be in same room or outside. Requires timing and setup can be disturbing.

Corporate catering also works for an annual party, whether it’s for the holidays, a fundraiser or a meeting of shareholders. In any case, these formal evening parties deserve the attention of a corporate caterer who is experienced in working in a corporate setting. These caterers know that appearance, food quality and great service are all extremely important when it comes to these events

If you’re considering having a business event catered soon, contact Chef and I (718) 544.5644 or via email