Does your Chef wear his Wedding Band

I’ve been trying to photograph my hubby aka Chef at work (when time allows). I realized the photos show his Wedding Band and thought, “Does your Chef wear his Wedding Band at work”?

I believe the question had come up on our Chef Wives “club” but never really responded there, since it has never been an issue for us. His is a rugged clunky ring; been on his finger going on 20 years. So I googled said question and found some interesting comments:

1. If it’s a simple band, yes. No to Stones – which I can understand, you wouldn’t want wear and tear and a diamond falling into your gravy.

2. Some Chef Wives admitting that they’ve requested, asked, demanded that their Chefs wear their rings.

It honestly never occurred to me to be an issue until i began looking at the photos.. Rings are a symbol of our union. Whether your Chef wears it or not at work, shouldn’t impact your relationship/marraige.

What’s your take on the topic? Would love to hear.




One thought on “Does your Chef wear his Wedding Band

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  1. He didn’t used to wear it because he would get such a big callous on his finger from holding his knife. (He’s left handed.) Now that he’s in a corporate position, he wears it. 🙂 It never bothers me that he didn’t wear it. Everyone in the restaurant knew he was married.

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