Sigh!!! where to begin. Let’s try to write this blog post as vague as possible, while giving all the fact…

Client: Hi, I would like to host my Wedding for 80 guests at your Venue (fixed date).

Me: Sure, why don’t you come in to see the space (event in near future) then we could discuss the details..

Note: client’s email mentioned a “pay per plate”. Yes, I knew what it meant but it’s okay. it’s doable. To each his own and all that.

Client came in; likes space; we sit to chat.

Me: Please tell me a little about how you would like your event to flow.. (being very nice)

Client: Well my guests will be “paying for their plate” as mentioned.

Me: Oh that’s okay but let me explain how it works. You need to pay me for your event and YOU collect from everyone to off-set your cost.

Client: *immediately gets up and says “well that won’t work”… I was thinking everyone can pay that day “like a restaurant”…

Me: hmmm huh? 75 people?

Me: OK. Thanks for stopping by… WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY..

OK OK that’s the gist of it. I did explain in more detail but the mere thought that she would even ask just makes me giggle

So this was my day.. How is your day/event going?