Does your Chef wear his Wedding Band

I’ve been trying to photograph my hubby aka Chef at work (when time allows). I realized the photos show his Wedding Band and thought, “Does your Chef wear his Wedding Band at work”?

I believe the question had come up on our Chef Wives “club” but never really responded there, since it has never been an issue for us. His is a rugged clunky ring; been on his finger going on 20 years. So I googled said question and found some interesting comments:

1. If it’s a simple band, yes. No to Stones – which I can understand, you wouldn’t want wear and tear and a diamond falling into your gravy.

2. Some Chef Wives admitting that they’ve requested, asked, demanded that their Chefs wear their rings.

It honestly never occurred to me to be an issue until i began looking at the photos.. Rings are a symbol of our union. Whether your Chef wears it or not at work, shouldn’t impact your relationship/marraige.

What’s your take on the topic? Would love to hear.




You just need a good sense of humor

Sigh!!! where to begin. Let’s try to write this blog post as vague as possible, while giving all the fact…

Client: Hi, I would like to host my Wedding for 80 guests at your Venue (fixed date).

Me: Sure, why don’t you come in to see the space (event in near future) then we could discuss the details..

Note: client’s email mentioned a “pay per plate”. Yes, I knew what it meant but it’s okay. it’s doable. To each his own and all that.

Client came in; likes space; we sit to chat.

Me: Please tell me a little about how you would like your event to flow.. (being very nice)

Client: Well my guests will be “paying for their plate” as mentioned.

Me: Oh that’s okay but let me explain how it works. You need to pay me for your event and YOU collect from everyone to off-set your cost.

Client: *immediately gets up and says “well that won’t work”… I was thinking everyone can pay that day “like a restaurant”…

Me: hmmm huh? 75 people?

Me: OK. Thanks for stopping by… WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY..

OK OK that’s the gist of it. I did explain in more detail but the mere thought that she would even ask just makes me giggle

So this was my day.. How is your day/event going?

Dieting when you’re a Chef

Hello there 🙂

My Chef is on a diet – Doctor’s orders. Well don’t get excited, it took him 3 months to “get around to it”. I’m pretty supportive, he is my husband after all. “through goodness and in health” and overlooking the fact that he’s becoming “fluffy”.. You tend to overlook it BECAUSE HE’S a CHEF.. So I ask myself, how supportive am I really? Doesn’t my “support” simply make me an enabler?

We’ve been discussing possibly having a vow renewal. Before you all start thinking “oh she must have said – you’re fat you should lose some weight” NOPE, that’s not what happened. After a doctor’s visit, knee surgery was discussed. Well if your Chef is anything like mine, you know that’s a big joke, who has time to schedule surgery aka time off. So once I began pushing about the vow renewal, it meant really scheduling time for surgery, so HE went to visit the surgeon.

Pretty much the conversation was “if you lose some weight, it will take the pressure (some) off your knees, we can (fill in blank) and buy you some time.. OK. so he decided this was the motivation.

However, that means I’m ON A DIET ALSO! Great for me because I too feel like i’ve been gaining. Owning a restaurant, we eat after service which is usually around 10:30pm. Not the best schedule. For the past two weeks, we’ve completely cut off the starch in our diet. No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. No Fried Foods, pan seared is acceptable. Lastly, NO ALCOHOL. So you see that little smiley face after the “hello there” it really should be O_o

He’s been getting creative with our dinner – packed with protein and vegetables. Next battle would be the portion sizes, since my Chef is a Volume Eater..  After that, hopefully, find time to exercise. My Kitchen is made up of the two of us, we have no one else, so it’s difficult to allot “free time”.

How does your Chef handle his eating habits and/or dieting? If he is “fluffy” how do you handle conversations about weight? Would love to hear



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