GAH!! One of the most frustrating things is simply “Finding the Time”..

Finding time to Blog

Finding time to upload to Facebook

Finding time to upload to Instagram

Finding time to Tweet

Some days, I feel as though my phone is constantly in my hand due to Social Media Postings. Figuring which demographics to reach, which posts for which media outlet. I can see why job listings for this position became possible.

I think the only thing suffering right now is my Blog updates. Unfortunately but thankfully, I don’t Blog on my phone (yet). Heaven only knows I have so much to say. HAHA! Whether it is to inform you of Events, write about an Event we hosted or simply to vent.. I have lots to vent.

Chef and i have been busy with Off-Premise Catering and In-House Events. We’ve been trying to balance life. Actually went to the movies twice in two weeks WOOHOO!

Thankful for whomever is still following me. I promise to give it a try again.