The Chef’s Wives Club

Yep, we’ve got one of those. Didn’t you know?

We hang around in long gowns, sipping Lillets while our Chefs prepare elaborate dinners. We entertain almost every night. Our Kitchen’s the place to be. SAID NO CHEF WIFE EVER!

We have this secret society. Some of us are lucky enough to stumble upon blog posts and if we’re truly lucky, some of us find support groups. HAHA!! No offense to AA, but it’s similar to that, except we simply GAB a lot through postings.¬†I happen to be a part of that group. Needless to say, sometimes I feel like I don’t belong there but that’s another post. This is about the support it gives.

You see, contrary to popular beliefs, we do not often eat with our Chefs (since they have weird long hours). They do not always cook for us (since they work long weird hours and too tired on their day off). We do not host these amazing dinner parties (again, our Chefs are rarely around). Valentine’s Day suck for us. Thanksgiving and Christmas requires scheduling etc..

Can you even imagine writing about your smallest pet peeve, only to realize that it is shared by other Chef Wives (girlfriends, significant others) AROUND THE WORLD. It is so enlightening. Even though it doesn’t actually help you solve your issue, it takes a load of the “I’m not Crazy” crap off your shoulder.

My Chef and I have been at it for a while. He is pretty much my Gordon Ramsey. While I’m sure Mr Ramsey is a sweetheart off camera, I vouch for his TV persona. Being a Chef is a lot of pressure and requires a thick skin (yeah, show me a Chef who hasn’t burnt/cut him/her self).

Any given day, I feel like my Chef will put my head between two slices of bread and have me repeat “I’m an idiot sandwich: LMAO!! on the flip side, on any given day, I dream of taking the cast iron skillet and hitting him over the head.. We’re SO IN LOVE!!

So my SUPPORT GROUP helps me laugh. I don’t often share the craziness because like I’ve mentioned Chef and I work together. MUCH MUCH different to having another life while being married to a chef. I can dish it as best as he can.

I understand that my situation is not unique. It is definitely a Culture in the Food Industry.. Some couples make it; some don’t. Having some support to talk it through definitely makes life bearable




Father’s Day in Our Kitchen

My Chef works hard. He eats, drinks, breathes and sleeps his job. Being Married to a Chef, this is an annoying trait but being part owner of a growing business, I am thankful..

On Father’s Day we close the Restaurant. My Chef needs time off, needs to feel special and since most people BBQ or have family gatherings on this day, our decision was justified.

Over the years, we’ve alternated between US Open Golf and Fishing, his two loves.¬†However, with our work schedules as hectic as it is, we both wanted an easy day. Decided on Brunch with the kids. (That’s a whole other story), then we planned to go to the Zoo. It was closed by the time we got there, so Central Park it was. LOL Turns out having a day with no plans was the best well spent full day we’ve had in a long time. Happy Father’s Day to my Chef and all the Working Dads out there.

Hugs D

Finding Time to Blog


GAH!! One of the most frustrating things is simply “Finding the Time”..

Finding time to Blog

Finding time to upload to Facebook

Finding time to upload to Instagram

Finding time to Tweet

Some days, I feel as though my phone is constantly in my hand due to Social Media Postings. Figuring which demographics to reach, which posts for which media outlet. I can see why job listings for this position became possible.

I think the only thing suffering right now is my Blog updates. Unfortunately but thankfully, I don’t Blog on my phone (yet). Heaven only knows I have so much to say. HAHA! Whether it is to inform you of Events, write about an Event we hosted or simply to vent.. I have lots to vent.

Chef and i have been busy with Off-Premise Catering and In-House Events. We’ve been trying to balance life. Actually went to the movies twice in two weeks WOOHOO!

Thankful for whomever is still following me. I promise to give it a try again.


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