Disclaimer: By no means do I think of myself as such. However, one of my Client posted a review on our FB page and it made me giggle. You see, they did a last minute wedding and I was able to pull it off..

Lately, it seems that we’ve been getting calls for small weddings (under 40) and all happening within less than 2-3 weeks from first call. My couples all have their own reasons for rushing, some it’s the dates 4/4 or 5/5 others it’s because they have family visiting from abroad and need to coordinate while others eh hem just need to get it done. To me it’s a breath of fresh air and it doesn’t matter to me but I know I can get it done in a week.. Whether it’s 20 or 80..   I have a solid list of Vendors who are accommodating to me.

I have been receiving a number of calls for City Hall Wedding Receptions.. AND WHY NOT!! If you’re going to a Restaurant afterwards, why not consider having a mini-reception?

We have special packages for Weekday after City Hall, so if you’re interested, contact me: Dhanny (718) 544-5644 or email: info@mykitchenforesthills.com