I began this blog, partly to encourage myself to take more photos, since I gave it up once we started this business but to also share with you our Events, my thoughts on Catering etc..

Chef and I have just been so busy with Catering and Events, both in-house and off-premise. I’ve been trying to keep up with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but totally neglected blogging…

The business has exceeded our expectation. Still in growing stage but we are keeping afloat. Have already formed a solid client referral base, which is unbelievable in just over 2 years. We are booked every weekend through July and already have five Weddings under my belt for 2015 Wedding Season.

Here in My Kitchen, we’ve created an intimate setting. Guests have said “It feels like home but without the cleanup”. Yet, at other times, it has transformed itself into this beautiful Catering Hall for Weddings.

I love that my Clients are realizing our potential as Event Planners and most events we host, are typically above what was first presented. We are not just a Restaurant Space – We are a Banquet Space.

Well hopefully I can get into the rhythm of maintaining blogging.