Being Married to A Chef and working with said Chef for the Past 20 years+, dieting has been my biggest foe, to say the least.

This year is not different when I tell you, he begins by saying “WE” have to go on a diet.. YEP! “We”.. He really means, “HIM” but because he’s my main source of food, well yeah, I shall go along..

So tonight he made us each a Baked Salmon (i’m guessing around 8oz), topped with mustard.. For a side dish, he made Curried Cauliflower with tomatoes (this he made an entire medium saute pan).. I decided to put ‘people portion” on my plate and just put my head down and eat, just in case he decides to ask if I wanted more..

My New Year’s Resolution was to do more photography (of sorts).. So why not start with our dinners, this way I will have a visual log to review, for when we fail said diet by February. However, I only remembered about photo AFTER we cleaned up..

Oh Well, there’s always tomorrow.