Baby Showers

Chef and I frequently joke that I should answer the phone “Baby Shower Central”.. It seems that 4 of 5 calls are regarding Baby Showers.

In My Kitchen, we’ve been lucky enough to probably host a Baby Shower almost every weekend. We have hosted Events from 20-100. Some only women but the newest trend have been “Jack and Jill”, “Co-Ed”, “Boys and Girls”.

We offer Sit-Down, Family Style and Buffet Service. We can customize menu for your particular Baby Shower.

We’ve Celebrated Baby Girls, Baby Boys and some ‘I don’t want to know” HAHA!

baby Shower 2 baby Shower 1

Don’t forget to arrange for transport to take the gifts home. I’ve had many Baby Shower Events where multiple car trips were necessary.

Welcome Baby….




Got Engaged? Congratulations!!

Next Step – Take a Ring Selfie – Tell BFF – Start a Pinterest Board.. hmm what I’m I forgetting.. Oh Right – TELL THE FAMILY!!!!

So you want to plan an Engagement Party.. Awesome. This is where I come in. Consider hosting it in My Kitchen..

Key Notes:

  1. How many guests do you wish to invite?
  2. What type of event do you wish to plan?


These two things are very important because you have to keep in mind that in some cases, your Engagement Party will probably be the first time family members from both sides are meeting each other.

I recommend doing a Buffet of some sort because this will enable mingling.. Guests don’t have to remain seated in same spot to be served courses, giving them the opportunity to move about and sit next to different guests.

For that reason, I recommend doing Open Seating. The last thing you want to do is to sit the family on separate tables, they will NOT move. Also, keep seats available for both of you at two tables, this way you have the chance to sit with both families OR not sit with them at all and sit with friends.

Gifts are not expected at Engagement Parties, so if someone shows up with a Blender because they won’t be attending your Wedding, just put it aside and send them a thank you note later.. There is not gift opening at this Event.

A take home souvenir is a good idea.. My favorite suggestion is something food related. Keep it simple, you will soon be in debt for your Wedding.

Finally, make it fun. Share Photos of the two of you. Find ways to show off both your personalities…




It’s our Wedding Anniversary

Today is our Wedding Anniversary.. It’s been 21 years.



No Bells and Whistles.. Just another day, like any other. Being Working Owners of a Restaurant, there aren’t any day offs for Anniversaries..

We planned to do breakfast but I had a bevy of calls this morning, so my day began early with emails and scheduling of clients. Plus we had to go shopping for the restaurant, so breakfast turned into a Sushi Lunch Date, which inevitably got cancelled..

Most Folks in this industry know what that’s like. I’m lucky to be with him but some Significant Others, usually spend the evening by themselves until their Chef gets home..

Hopefully, we can close a little early tonight and go grab a drink before heading home. Tomorrow night on our day off, maybe we will go somewhere nice for dinner..

Here’s to all of you. Remember we chose this marriage, we chose this life, so no crying over spilt milk.. Just enjoy the fact that you made it to another year without getting divorced or separated.. Cause being married to a chef is not always as wonderful as it sounds and we know a few couples who can’t say there are at this stage.. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHEF!!!! 1 ❤ you



New Year Resolutions

Being Married to A Chef and working with said Chef for the Past 20 years+, dieting has been my biggest foe, to say the least.

This year is not different when I tell you, he begins by saying “WE” have to go on a diet.. YEP! “We”.. He really means, “HIM” but because he’s my main source of food, well yeah, I shall go along..

So tonight he made us each a Baked Salmon (i’m guessing around 8oz), topped with mustard.. For a side dish, he made Curried Cauliflower with tomatoes (this he made an entire medium saute pan).. I decided to put ‘people portion” on my plate and just put my head down and eat, just in case he decides to ask if I wanted more..

My New Year’s Resolution was to do more photography (of sorts).. So why not start with our dinners, this way I will have a visual log to review, for when we fail said diet by February. However, I only remembered about photo AFTER we cleaned up..

Oh Well, there’s always tomorrow.



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