Chef and I love Italian Food!!


I know, I know, you’re all thinking.. Really?? *insert sarcasm* we’d never guess… hahaha

The reason I say that it’s because we don’t often cook it in the restaurant. We have a few pasta dishes on there but consciously made a decision to leave off the “Classic Italian dishes”, so that we’re not perceived as an Italian Restaurant.. Crazy, I know..


This is because we wanted to have the ability to cook for you all the things we love: Italian, Caribbean, Chinese, Mexican, Indian just to name a few… SO when I say to Chef “how about you make Lasagna tonight”, we both get excited because it means we will be eating good tonight. HAHAHA!!!



We have a couple “die hard” Italians who trickle in when I post about these…

Hopefully, we see next time Lasagna comes on the menu.