Step Number 1:
Just decide to do it.. Meh, I mean, what can go wrong.. You love to host parties, your Chef loves to host parties.. What could possibly go wrong..
Step Number 2:
Send out “Save the Dates” and announce that it will be a SURPRISE!!! This must happen months in advance because key people in our lives are in the Food Industry and Saturday is just not a feasible day to throw a party. Which brings us to……..
Step Number 3:
Tell Chef that you booked an Event that evening. Implying that we can’t celebrate but somehow, just maybe, we can go out later for a drink and have the kids meet us..
We own a Restaurant, we close when we have Off-Premise Catering etc. If we closed, he would know it’s for his party. Still thinking that a “surprise party” is the way to go, you continue for 2 months with plan.
Step Number 4:
Decide on Theme – Order Cake – Organize Music etc..
blah blah blah usual party details.. Unfortunately, this post goes downhill fast…
Step Number 5:
Realizing your “alibi” of said event, will bite you in the a$$.. When Chef asks for details of Event because he has to organize it. You play it off by supplying a feasible Menu which could potentially be eaten at Chef’s Surprise Party. OH RIGHT!!! I should fess up at this point. The only way a surprise would work, was to throw it at the Restaurant. He’d NEVER suspect a thing.
Step Number 6:
PANIC BEGINS TO SET IN: Coming to terms with the fact that your plan wasn’t really a good plan..
Chef still doesn’t suspect anything but the guy who would’ve execute the menu, after you somehow get Chef to leave the restaurant on an errand, is not answering and panic sets in..
Step Number 7:
You and Chef Baby decides to come clean the day of the Event. We had an earlier event, after which we asked Chef is take a seat and we tried to explain that we planned a party and that the food we chose for the MAKE BELIEVE evening event was actually his surprise party.. and That HE now had to prep it, then go home change and come back at 7:00pm… YEP FOLKS, this is what we did….
After some grumbling and state of unhappiness, Chef complied and before you knew it, he left for home.
Step Number 8:
Bring in Casino Tables – Have Balloons and Cake Delivered – Cut Fresh Flowers – Set up Table Linens and runners – Guests arrive at 6:45pm
Even though he found out we were having a party, he didn’t know who was invited and what the theme was, so he was in total awe that Chef Baby and I were able to pull this off.. IT ALL WORKED OUT in the End..
collage joe birthday

I don’t recommend any of the above to anyone.. The Joke of the night was “Why didn’t I cater in?” My Reply was I’m Married to a Chef and he enjoys what he cooks and so does everyone else who was in attendance..