Well, at least in our world. Chef and I no longer have a social life. We both work 6 days a week, sometimes 7, depending on whether we have Off-Premise Catering..

Typically, the Restaurant is CLOSED on Tuesdays, so we started treating Monday as our Fridays. We eat dinner at the store, then usually stop for a night cap somewhere. Truth be told, it’s usually for a Margarita at Tequila Sunrise.

Monday Friday 2

We really try to force ourselves to do something. Doesn’t always work out, since some times we’re just plain exhausted OR even better, we’ve already drank a bottle of wine with dinner. (oops)..

Tuesday is a whole other topic… Supposed to be our “Day Off” but it’s usually spent catching up on paperwork and emails. The best part is staying in PJs for half a day. LOL… We always find somewhere “cool” to eat and/or try to do something fun, so we can pretend we’re normal 9 to 5ers..

It’s important to have a “date night”. We give it our best shot.. However, when you work in this industry, sleep is such a sort out commodity, that when time allows, even relationships have to take a back seat…

Thanks for reading