Well, didn’t think I’d get to me so quickly in these posts and yet, here I am.. Little ole me!! Tonight I’m flying high..

It all started when a couple walked into a bar.. just kidding.. the couple walked into the restaurant for dinner tonight. I sat them and proceeded to get menus. Immediately was presented with a Gift Certificate.
The Husband said “are you Dhanny?” to which I replied yes.. He said: “your photo is hanging in our new home”.. I’m thinking “WDH?? (a photo of me?)”

a My Photos

It turns out that they had purchased a Silent Auction Item we donated to this amazing organization called Ability Beyond Disability. The Theme was Safari.. So I donated “Dinner for 2 at the restaurant”, “a night’s stay at the Hilton”, “tickets to the Cental Park Zoo”, and an original photo by me to fit the theme..

It’s a donation.. Nobody EVER meets those people.. Well I guess when you own the restaurant, you do.. hehe.. The couple LOVED my photo. Now they love the food too..

I feel so proud right now. Since we’ve had the restaurant (2 years now), I haven’t been too motivated about my photography, so this was a great night to be known as someone other that the Chef’s Wife..