Let me start by saying: “I love my job”

Dhanny Joe - Event Planning

When you book an event in My Kitchen, you have access to an in-house Event Planner, Me. I will help with as much or as little as you need. I am with you from the initial consultation to the signing of the contract to the day of your Event organizing every detail we discussed.

One of my biggest pet peeve as an Event Planner is when clients call as ask: “I would like to know what is the cost to plan an Event there”. Well ummmm.. huh?
1. Do you have a date set?
2. What type of an Event is it?
3. How many Guests are you expecting?
4. Time of Day you’re planning the Event.
5. Type of Service – Sit Down vs Buffet vs Cocktails etc
6. Actual Menu Items
7. Beverage Service
8. Décor or Theme
9. Entertainment
10. Do you have a Budget?

As you can see, there are many factors which contribute to a successful event. It’s not just the $19.95 all-you-can-eat-and-drink package. I am a custom Caterer and while I do have pre-set menus, I prefer to get a feel for each individual client.

As an Off-Premise Caterer, I always tell clients to shop out their events but be certain to match dollar for dollar. It is not fair to you or the venue to ask for a price over the phone. One venue will tell you $20.00pp and another $25.00pp. However, the latter, probably has more to offer. So you have to price out the EXACT Menu and Services against each other.

So we’re gotten over the hump and you decided to book with me……..
I truly enjoy planning Events. I have many ideas stuck in my head. So please feel free to call, email or come in as many times to figure out décor and specialty items. My time is free of charge… Planning Events in My Kitchen is tame compared to what Chef and I do or have done Off-Premise. We do have certain limitations but no more that some other venues. (I did have one gal not book because she couldn’t stick stuff on my walls). I am honest and upfront, so there are no surprises on the day of your event. FYI: I am anti-confetti!!!!

Producing a Successful Event is dependent on the fine details which I will help you oversee. Let me be your point person for your florist, balloons, DJ, cake etc. You’ve decided to host your Event at a venue instead of your Home. This means, you are here also to ENJOY YOURSELF, not work. That’s why Chef and I and my Staff are here for you during your Event.

See you soon…