Still not sure what to write about but a good place as any would be to begin with Chef and I.. Nope, I didn’t coin that phrase but it sure does fit “US”..  It evolved over the years, keep in mind we’re talking 20+ years now.. To me he’s always been Joe, Joey, Giuseppe, hon, sometime “hey you” but to most, he’s become Chef. So as I blog and include him in posts, this is how he shall be identified.

Dhanny Joe - Chef and I

Chef and I are best friends. Well, I’d like to think so and from some of the conversations I’ve overheard from him, I’m guessing I might be his as well. teehee!

The Food Business (and I say Food Business as opposed to Restaurant Business because as you know, Chef and I are a multi-faceted entity). Anyways, that’s another post. The Food Business is a tough one. Everyone says it. Everyone knows it. It’s long hours, it’s unappreciated hours, it’s exhausting hours, sometimes it’s never ending hours. Chef and I do Catering also. Once we’d gone 24 hours without sleep (swore we’d never do that again while having to drive home after an event in Eastern Long Island)… Being together makes our world bearable. We’ve been able to find that happy medium of life, family and marriage.

Chef and I bicker constantly. YEP!! Usually, one of us is telling the other one what to do and the other one wants to do it another way.. However, at the end of the day, we know we have to go home together. Sleep together and GOD DAMN IT wake up and do it all over again. So grudges have to be short lived. I think we’re both stubborn. We’ve built quite a successful business together prior to My Kitchen. It’s an engine that require both of us as the moving parts and we do it well. Powered by that fuel known as Rum and Coke (over favorite beverage btw)

Chef and I are still amazed that our families still don’t actually realize what we do.. We get questions like “do you have anything this weekend?” AH YES! it’s called a working restaurant!!!  Not quite sure where their mindset is at. We’re always at the Restaurant. It is what the business dictates. We don’t even see Chef Baby that much anymore. Chef and I miss the dinner times. That was always our family time. No matter whether it was at home or out at a restaurant. I think this is why our Service in the restaurant is so unique. I’m always making conversation with my customers. Getting to know them is a huge part of who Chef and I are.

Chef and I work hard and play harder… This past weekend, we had back to back events beginning on Friday. A Wedding – A Baptism – a Sweet 16 – An Encore Wedding… we were and are exhausted.. Mondays are no fun for us. One, because we have to clean from the weekend and two, it’s a slow night in the restaurant. BUT!!! Mondays have become Fridays for Chef and I. I usually try to finagle a night out even for a late night drink.. Happy to know that Tuesday is our official DAY OFF!! Yippee..

Chef and I have a ton of fun together. We love to eat out, attend wine tastings. I even convinced him to go to a Food Exhibit at the Natural History Museum. A win win for both of us. When we’re not working, we’re usually eating and drinking or talking about food and/or wine. Before the Restaurant, I blogged under a pseudo name.. He cooked, I photographed and I blogged about it which eventually became tweets.. It was fun.

Chef and I love to entertain!! It’s what we’re good at. When you dine in the Restaurant, you eat what HE cooks, the way WE would eat it. Owning My Kitchen now, we get paid to do what we always did – entertain you.. Our Jobs are literally a combination of our passions and the ability to do it with your best friend is simply an amazing adventure.

I guess I’ll end here.. Hopefully, as you read, it doesn’t just sound like rambling. Feedback would be great.