You know, the one where you never have the right answer to…..

“What would you like to eat tonight?”

Posted this tonight. Someone actually replied “so lucky”. Well in honesty, it doesn’t always feel lucky. Especially after you’ve been together for 20+ years. To me, it means, “i already know what i’m going to make but thought i’d see what you want but will probably make what I first intended to anyway” LMAO!! thought sounded crazy!!

Scene plays out:
Chef: “what would you like to eat”
Me: Hmm not sure. something light. I feel for Caesar Salad
Chef: “with chicken? caesar with chicken?”
Me: NO. I don’t feel like having salad as an entree
Chef: How about Steak then?
Me: OH ok. but a little bit, right? Not a large steak.
Chef: *nods dismissively* What about cauliflower?
Me: *in my head – he just can’t help himself* SURE! but a small amount and a really small salad then
Chef: *dismissive look again*
Chef: “let’s open a bottle of wine”



So not only did I have Caesar Salad, it was Caesar Salad with a twist, Chef decided to kick it up and add bleu cheese to it (because he love bleu cheese with steak). That Steak could feed FOUR people. Not pictured is the Cauliflower/French Beans blend.. (enough to feed SIX people)

I have no idea why he can’t cook “people portions” for us.. However, our Customers love it, because they always have leftovers..

that’s my story tonight 🙂