Chef and I

And not realising you had MAJOR ISSUES!!!
I have tons to write about just not sure where to begin, if blog posts should flow into each other or just open up a can of worms and vent… HAHA!! I guess, because I am starting up this blog as an extension of our business, most of it will reflect US, HIM, ME, the Business, the “angelic” clients, so bare with me until I find my groove..

Chef and I have been married and working together for the last 20 years, in the food business (no shock sherlock). I kid you not.. Somewhere along the lines, somehow I got lost in the shuffle and became the wife of the Man who cooks.

Some of you may not understand what that means but there are OTHERS out there, who knows exactly what I am going through.. Being married to a Chef isn’t always fun. I used to have moments of wanting to scream. My mentality changed once I stumbled upon this community of Chef Wives and Being Married to a Chef… Suddenly, it all made sense. Suddenly I WASN’T CRAZY!!!

It was ALL ON HIM!! He was the Psycho!!! LMAO!

My life was a little different to the OTHER wives, in that, my Chef didn’t work for someone. He was the Exective Chef for our Catering Business, which meant we had better hours.. Not GREAT hours, just better.. Holidays still meant WE worked.. But there again, we were different because I insisted WE WORKED together. So we could spend the time. Along the way, Chef Baby happened and she came along with us. So she never suffered not having parental time.. One of our fondest memories was having her sleep in a basket as we created Holiday Baskets for the Holidays.

When we gave up our last business, the fear of having to be alone if he worked for someone really took a toll.. So I ended up buying the business and hired him to be the Chef.. NOW, I can dictate his hours.. We knew this would be difficult but if we did it together, it would be FUN!!

So here we are!! Chef and I… Making the most of it. Building from scratch again.
Hope you come along for the ride and stay for the journey.