Halloween 2014

OK! So I may have under-played just how much I LOVE Halloween.. The best part is that Chef got into it this year with me. He worked on the Cauldron (which became the hit of the evening) and he even spent a good part of the evening outside with me chatting with the kids..

Halloween 2014

We had such a blast!!! The kids (and parents) got a real kick out of the Witch’s Brew Cauldron. I guess I should mention that Chef added spiders, centipedes and chicken feet to the brew… A greater part of the evening was spent taking photos with the kids.. Again, so so much fun..
Went through 300pcs of Candy tonight and ran out.. May have to up the ante next year…
Well hoping everyone had a wonderful Halloween..
PS: Chef Baby is out partying it up.. Grrrr!! Parenting sucks.. LOL

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Pumpkin Carving

Get your napkins handy.. I’m about to tell you how much I miss pumpkin picking and trick or treating with Chef Baby.. I used to carve pumpkins. Every year become more intricate. She loved them.. Watching your kids grow is difficult in itself, not having them around to do the things you enjoy just plain sucks.
The timing on the new business aka My Kitchen worked out perfectly, Chef Baby started college, gaining her independence.. BUT when times like these come around, I miss my little one..
So what do I do?? I carve pumpkins for work.. Buy myself a costume (I’m going to be Malificient) and hand out candy for Halloween. So there!!!
This year, my pumpkins were tough.. They were HARD! literally. Chef and I wondered if they were not ripened. It took me forever and I broke two of my tools. I literally hammered with a meat tenderizer and a knife.
Pumpkin Carving
Chef says he’s going to be a Chef, just not sure which one yet. HAHA!! He’s serious. I think he’s toying around with Mario Batali or Guy Fieri.. Really??? what kind of costume is that?? I know he also misses that time with her. Even though he didn’t actually go trick or treating with her (he worked), it was the build up to it. The purchasing of the costume, the carved pumpkin when he got home, the candy, watching his little Chef Baby get dressed up..
Restaurant life is difficult but we make it work. We all do.. It is our livelihood..
So come on by tomorrow. I do think that Chef and I will be cooking up a treat OR maybe a trick outside the store..


To Market; To Market

To Buy a Fat Pig… Home again Home again… Jiggety Jig

One of our Off-Premise Wedding Clients requested a specialty Wine from a Fingerlake Winery, who happens to be at the Union Square Market down on 14th Street in Manhattan..

FUN FUN!! I love that place.. Yes Yes, there’s food BUT I happen to love it because there’s so much to photograph.. It’s an amazing place for a photowalk..

Union Square Market

However, I was here with Chef hubby which meant I get to watch my “grown man child” run around in his version of a toy store. Very Cute!! He kept buzzing from stall to stall like a busy bee. I truly believe he would purchase one of everything if we could’ve carried it..

Thank goodness we took the train. Not only did we have to take a case of wine back with us, we had huge bags of fresh produce.. Customers are in for a treat this weekend in My Kitchen. He’s cooking up some Fall dishes…

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Date Night

WooHoo!! Got through Monday evening service. Too tired to go for a drink.. Oh Well, you can’t always get what you hope for.. Sleep just seem the better option.

Today was our Day Off.. or as I like to refer to it on our Facebook Page it’s Thirsty Tuesday Day Off for Chef and I..

It’s supposed to be our “Fun Day” however, most times it ends up being Errand Day.. Laundry, Groceries, Emails etc.. Today was one of those days.. However, we ended our day with an invite to Red Hook Winery in Brooklyn for a Wine Tasting of Italian wines, hosted by Angels Share Wines.. What’s not to love about Wine Tastings – you drink, you eat, you chat, you laugh and you photograph. Oh Yeah, somewhere along the ways you’re supposed to spit.. ewwwwww!

Red Hook Winery

After the tasting, we had dinner at The Good Fork.. A wonderful meal indeed. Met some great people at the other table..

So YEP!! a successful Date Night is possible even when you work in this industry and you’re married to a Chef..


Monday is the New Friday

Well, at least in our world. Chef and I no longer have a social life. We both work 6 days a week, sometimes 7, depending on whether we have Off-Premise Catering..

Typically, the Restaurant is CLOSED on Tuesdays, so we started treating Monday as our Fridays. We eat dinner at the store, then usually stop for a night cap somewhere. Truth be told, it’s usually for a Margarita at Tequila Sunrise.

Monday Friday 2

We really try to force ourselves to do something. Doesn’t always work out, since some times we’re just plain exhausted OR even better, we’ve already drank a bottle of wine with dinner. (oops)..

Tuesday is a whole other topic… Supposed to be our “Day Off” but it’s usually spent catching up on paperwork and emails. The best part is staying in PJs for half a day. LOL… We always find somewhere “cool” to eat and/or try to do something fun, so we can pretend we’re normal 9 to 5ers..

It’s important to have a “date night”. We give it our best shot.. However, when you work in this industry, sleep is such a sort out commodity, that when time allows, even relationships have to take a back seat…

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Pet Peeve

I have many.. LOL
One of my biggest, since owning My Kitchen, is that people do not respect your property. They totally are oblivious to the cost and care it takes to keep the space beautiful for you and the next person who rents the space.

pet peeve

Yesterday, we hosted a dinner and they used my centerpieces which I have in the restaurant… While we were cleaning up afterwards, I realised some of my bowls were missing flowers.. O_o

So annoying.. OH well.. Chef and I have seen it all. We have many pet peeves. I will write a book eventually “Catering – the people infront the scenes”… LMAO!!

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Catering for NYCATA – Artworks 2014

Today we had an Off-Premise Catering for New York City Art Teachers Association (UFT). It is a day dedicated to the Art Teachers, completed with seminars and vendors within the Art Education Environment.. The Event was held at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan..

NYCATA Catering2014

We Catered Breakfast and Hot Lunch for 225 participants..

We’ve were up at 5:30am to get the coffee going (one reason we disliked catering breakfasts haha), slice bagels, drive into city, set up by 8:00am..

Get back to Forest Hills, prep the hot food, pack up Food, Beverages, papergoods, more coffee O_o and drive back to city for service at 12:00noon. Must say, there was a bunch of swearing along the way due to the ever popular NYC traffic.. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE DO; THIS IS WHAT WE LOVE… That last minute adrenaline pumps and it’s an amazing feeling..

Got it all done!! Got back to store. Opened for dinner at 5:00pm and a private party at 7:30pm… phew!! Our lives are anything but boring

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More than a Chef Wife

Well, didn’t think I’d get to me so quickly in these posts and yet, here I am.. Little ole me!! Tonight I’m flying high..

It all started when a couple walked into a bar.. just kidding.. the couple walked into the restaurant for dinner tonight. I sat them and proceeded to get menus. Immediately was presented with a Gift Certificate.
The Husband said “are you Dhanny?” to which I replied yes.. He said: “your photo is hanging in our new home”.. I’m thinking “WDH?? (a photo of me?)”

a My Photos

It turns out that they had purchased a Silent Auction Item we donated to this amazing organization called Ability Beyond Disability. The Theme was Safari.. So I donated “Dinner for 2 at the restaurant”, “a night’s stay at the Hilton”, “tickets to the Cental Park Zoo”, and an original photo by me to fit the theme..

It’s a donation.. Nobody EVER meets those people.. Well I guess when you own the restaurant, you do.. hehe.. The couple LOVED my photo. Now they love the food too..

I feel so proud right now. Since we’ve had the restaurant (2 years now), I haven’t been too motivated about my photography, so this was a great night to be known as someone other that the Chef’s Wife..


Indian Food

Here in My Kitchen, or as we call it Our Kitchen, our specials come about based on Holidays, National Food Days, What we feel like eating for dinner (seriously)..

Thursday we served Indian Food in observance of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. We served a Vegetarian Menu and opted to offer some a curried goat dish for the meat lovers..


My Chef is very versatile and have been creating (or re-creating) menus from all ethnicities and cultures. As Executive Chef to our Off-Premise Catering business, he was able to offer all types of food to reach a wider clientele.

Follow us on Facebook for updates on our Specials.. They range from Peruvian Chicken to Tacos to Shepherd’s Pie.. It’s always a foodie adventure when you dine in My Kitchen 🙂


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