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How NOT to be late for your Wedding….

As the 2018 Wedding Season picks up, I just wanted to do an early Vent. Summing up some things which happened during last year’s season.

  1. Just don’t be!  – there I said it
  2. Try on your dress BEFORE the day of your Wedding.
  3. Do NOT decide to randomly go to a Spa the morning of your AFTERNOON Wedding
  4. Don’t throw a Hen Party the day of your Wedding.
  5. Remember that you’re GETTING MARRIED. It’s not about those Social Media Photos before the actual ceremony.

I’ve had Brides show up 2-3 hours late for their Ceremony. I just honestly cannot fathom this.

This year was going to be different, says this Wedding Planner, as she sips on a glass of Wine.

Choosing a Venue

You’re considering hosting an Event. Not sure where to begin? Well in truth, you do know. Thanks to Pinterest, Instagram and other Social Media sites, you can take on the world. YOU GOT THIS!!

What those sites don’t do is guide you to make the right choice for YOU. I know, you want a flower wall, those ballroom chairs, those gigantic balloons, those paper flowers, that mimosa bar with 2 bottles of champagne in photo (don’t even get me started on this one). Most

First item on the list of TO DO, is where will you host this Event. Hopefully this will help you narrow your search:

  1. You have space in your home: Pros – you’re in control of the “venue”. You have a backup plan. You control the food, whether you cook or cater. You control the beverage you serve. Cons – You need to setup, serve and cleanup. Your space doesn’t always allow for a guest list too large. Your guests may never leave LOL
  2. You can rent a Hall: Pros – TIME. Most halls are rented for 6-8 hours, including setup and cleanup. Most Halls are spacious and have tables and chairs.  You may bring in Vendors, DJs etc. You can bring your own food and beverage. Cons – sometimes, rental fee is only for space, so everything else for an amazing successful event is additional $$$$. You need to setup (or pay for setup) and clean up (usually at a specific time or you pay extra)
  3. You can host your Event at a Restaurant or Banquet Hall: Pros – most everything is included. ONE STOP SHOP. Food, beverage, space, linen, waitstaff, tables/chairs. Everything is there, minimal possibility of timing issues. Some have house DJs, Florists, Photographer, Rentals etc. Everything needed for a successful event. PLUS, in-house events usually handle setup and clean up. Cons – TIME CONSTRAINT. You have a set time to work with. Limits to what may be brought in, whether it be desserts, decor, rentals etc. Most often it’s a pre-determined menu. Venues with Liquor License do not allow outside beverages.

So YOU need to figure out which works best for the Event you would like to host. Understanding the each category may not usually be overlapped. Expecting some things from one while wanting another situation.

Re-read my first paragraph. We all WANT those things we see in Social Media BUT you have to be mindful of the “Venue” you decided upon, understanding that some of these items may not be allowed.

Eg: I do not allow confetti, not do I allow items to be stuck on the walls. Other venues do allow such things but may not have a Brunch Menu or a Patio, other factors which may be more important to hosting the event you want.

Good Luck with your planning.



City Hall Weddings In My Kitchen

Chef and I have owned My Kitchen now for 6 years. I have seen our Weddings Bookings slowly increase. This year, our number doubled. I am very thankful.

I have had a few couples going the City Hall Route and was able to throw them a Wedding Reception, instead of simply sitting at the Restaurant for early dinner. City Hall Ceremonies are held Monday thru Thursday with the latest time being 3:00pm, making it ideal to have an early weekday afternoon reception, if planned properly.

That is the gist of this blog post. Let me point out a couple of things you need to know. However, I also ask that you verify by calling City Clerk’s Office for up to date information.

  1. City Hall Queens Office is closest to us. 120-55 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens. Open Monday thru Friday from 8:30am – 3:45pm. It’s only 1 Train stop away from My Kitchen
  2. Must obtain a Marriage License. I believe it’s $35.00 (credit card or money order)
  3. You may begin your application online. However, you MUST appear in Court together at the same time. Must have proper ID, usually, the same used to fill in online form
  4. After Marriage License has been obtained, you have to wait 24 hours before the Marriage Ceremony can be performed.
  5. Marriage License is valid for 60 days.
  6. Most reviews indicate that Mondays and Fridays are the busiest, so try mid-week.

This is where you now have options:

  1. City Hall Wedding Ceremony – A civil marriage ceremony can be performed in the City Clerk’s Office during regular business hours. You cannot reserve a time or make appointment. You need to have Witness over 18 and with valid ID. I’ve heard stories that families of other couples have filled in. Everyone is usually in a wonderful mood as they’re there for the same reason.

The Cost for the Ceremony is $25.00 (I believe)

After which, you reserve a table at a restaurant and celebrate with your family and friends.

The next option is where I come in

  1. Weddings in My Kitchen – You have the option to have the Ceremony at our location. In “nice” weather, it can be in our backyard or we setup chapel style indoors. You will need an Officiant. Not sure how much each individual charges. I’ve come up with a package inclusive of Cheese Station for Appetizer, Food, Soft Beverages, Room setup for a Reception. You have the option for background music and dancing. Click on the link below for more information.


2018 MK – Wedding CITY HALL Weekday Package

To those couples who have decided to go the route of hosting a smaller intimate Wedding with us here in My Kitchen, we really take the position that a Wedding is still a Wedding and we make every attempt to make your day special.

Here’s a link to another wonderful post in by Penny Wrenn

Contact us for more information

Dhanny and Chef Joe

Medium Rare (because it sounds good)

Don’t order your meat medium rare because it sounds good. Seriously, most Chefs will actually get it right, so when it’s delivered to you, it will be RED.

Don’t ask for to be sent back because it’s under-cooked. “Put it on the grill a little longer”. In fact, you want your meat medium well.. It causes issues with service on the table and  in the kitchen.

Just be honest!

Prime Rib1

#stopsucking for a Strawless Ocean

Have you guys heard about the Hashtag #stopsucking

Plastic straws are just one of many single-use plastics which end up in the ocean, polluting the water and harming sea life.

We’ve stopped offering straws in the Restaurant and during our Events. No one has complained. No one has asked for it.

Win-Win Situation

Take Action – Join the Movement

Corporate Catering

We’ve been busy this week with Corporate Catering. This is affecting the Regular Restaurant schedule.

Catering Poster

We hope to be back to a “normal” schedule next week


Dhanny and Chef Joe


2018 Valentine’s Dinner

I love Valentine’s Day. I love my husband. I’m married to a Chef, so I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day LOL..

Our goal for Valentine’s Day is to offer couples an experience where they didn’t feel rushed.  We offer a 4 Course Dinner with complimetary glass of Prosecco to start.



Maybe Chef and I will see you next year in our Kitchen



National Cheese Lover’s Day

I love cheese!!

That’s not entirely true. I don’t like melted cheese. In fact, it freaks me out.. Melted cheese on burgers, cheese on pizza, Nachos are a big no no!

Freaks my Chef husband out. LOL..

I did enjoy this Baked Brie he made for us for Christmas..

Get your Cheese on and share pics.

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